Hello, I'm Ryan Fonkert, and welcome to my personal home on the web.  This is a space where I can talk a little more openly about my passions; namely photography, cycling, and the outdoors; and likely to be heavily skewed toward the photography.  

Those of you already familiar with my photography are likely already familiar with my professional website, Ryan Fonkert Photography, and might be wondering why I would need this site, too.  Well, I've decided to separate out my personal, fine art work from my professional service work.  So going forward that site will be focused solely on the types of photography for which I offer professional services (weddings, family, beauty/portrait), and over here is where I'll showcase my personal work that I'm passionate about (landscapes, cityscapes, street photography, etc.).  Also on this site is where I'll blog about things related to the photography industry, technique, and technology; things that we photographers are interested in, but my clients might not be so much.  It's more of a candid space to talk with fellow enthusiasts and professionals.

So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll continue to visit!  To keep up to date on the latest, please subscribe to the RSS feed for my blog.