Social Media: Deliberate Dishonesty

Brief thought for today....  Recently I read a post about people deliberately falsely tagging their posts on Instagram as having been taken in Singapore, apparently because doing so increased exposure and gains followers.  I guess if the name of the game is nothing more than more eyes and more followers, it makes sense to engage in the process, but doesn't that seem inherently dishonest?  "Yeah, I really took this photo in my living room in Des Moines, but you might not have seen it if I had said that, so I'm telling you it's in Singapore!" Beyond dishonest, doesn't it just seem pathetic?  As I read more and more about these sly practices, it makes me wonder: is anything honest on social media anymore?  Does quality of content offered matter anymore, or just posting at the right time of day, geotagged in the right location, tagging the right other accounts, etc.?  I'm beginning to think that being a successful social media maven takes exactly the opposite qualities of what it takes to be a successful artist, writer, thinker, etc.  Thoughts?

I love Instagram, and will continue to post there, but will not engage in these cagey tactics myself.  I'll put my art out there and let my work speak for itself.  People like it or they don't; I'll gain followers or I won't.  I won't lie to force either one, though.