Well, it was a Merry Christmas indeed...  We spent a couple days out of town over Christmas, visiting my family for the holiday.  Monday morning, still out of town, we woke up to see that we had missed calls overnight from our home security company.  I called in, and it turns out the motion sensor and back door sensors had both gone off.  They said they dispatched the police to check it out and everything seemed fine.  As such, it seemed that it was most likely a false alarm, and so we didn't worry too much about it.

When we got home Monday evening, we became aware that it was a very different story.  Right when we pulled up to the house, we knew something was off, as there were lights on in the house that we hadn't left on.  When we go in, the door is locked, but just the knob, not the deadbolt, which I'm pretty sure I had locked when we left.  As we walked around the house a bit, we didn't notice anything off, so wondered if maybe the cops had come in when they did their check, so that's why the lights were on?

Then I went to the bathroom and saw the blinds pulled up.  We never would have left them open.  I go check the window and it slides right open; it wasn't locked.  Entry point...  This explains why the motion sensor went off before the door sensor - they came in through the window and left through the door.  So now I start looking around more again, and I couldn't find my iPad.  I looked all over, every place I typically leave it - nothing.  I enlisted the kids and had them fan out to help me look for it.  Nothing.  OK, DEFINITELY not a false alarm...  Then Karen starts looking through her jewelry and finds her wedding ring was gone.  Then the kids report their Samsung Galaxy Tab is missing, too.  That's all we've found missing so far, but they managed to touch all of us with what they took.  It seems clear they were targeting valuable jewelry, and just grabbed the tablets as easy-grab items on their way out the door as they scrambled out before the cops came.

They were amazingly polite, though, not trashing the place or anything.  Even with the jewelry grab, they didn't dump everything out so they could quickly see and grab the right piece(s).  Everything was still in its place; they carefully pulled out just the wedding ring and the ring box they took to put it in (removing her grandmother's ring from the box before taking it).

We called the police and filed a report, but I'd be surprised if we see anything back.  It's more a matter for insurance at this point, hoping we can get enough to at least replace the ring.  I'm glad we invested in the security system earlier this year, as I think that alarm is what limited their time in our house, and thus how much they took, as the situation definitely could have been worse.  What I hate about this is that this trip was the first time I forgot to leave a couple lights on when we left town, and what do you know, then we get robbed. :(  Thieves love dark houses on holidays...

Anyway, it was a great close to a year in which I already lost a few artists that are important to me; injured my foot by dropping a damn saw blade on it; lost one of my best friends a month before his 45th birthday; scandal erupted for the company I work for; the country elected a racist, misogynist fascist for President; and now we got robbed.  I'm not one to castigate an entire calendar year for a handful of unfortunate events, but there was certainly an outsized number of them that affected me personally this year.

Now that I've unburdened myself, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (and all things considered, we still did) and has a Happy New Year coming up.