New Autumn Gallery

I’ve added a new gallery page to the site, one specifically for Autumn. This gallery contains Fall images that didn’t necessarily fit in with the overall feel of my existing landscape galleries, but I still wanted to share these images, so I placed them here. Going forward, I may duplicate some between the landscape and Autumn galleries; not sure on that strategy yet. Going back to my last post, this is where I think Squarespace has a huge image management weak spot, not being able to have logical collections that pull from existing physical albums….

Anyhoo… I’ve initially made the format on this gallery page a little different than the others, going with a universal square thumbnail format instead of going with the varied dimensions that map to the ratio of each individual image like on my other gallery pages. How do you like this format? Is it better than the other way, or do you prefer how I have it setup for the other galleries? I welcome your thoughts, so please share in the comments.

I was able to get up north for some fresh Fall images about a week ago, so will hopefully have some new images from this season coming up on the site soon, depending on when I get time to work on them. Stay tuned!