So I stumbled upon this article on The Guardian’s website this evening, published a few weeks ago, and it really illustrates what a cancer social media has become, how phony it’s making people. You see pics like this on Instagram and other social media sites all the time: that truly inspirational photo of the account holder standing/sitting all alone on some majestic peak or outcropping like this, the kind that makes you think, “Wow, they’re so lucky! That looks so beautiful! And such magical solitude! I wish my life were like that!” Look at the Twitter pics linked in that article, though - behind that solitary facade is a line of dozens of people waiting to snap their own version of the lie. Click through to the actual post over on Twitter, and you’ll see many similar situations in other locations shared in the commments. It’s really quite sad.

And it appears all this Instagram fakery isn’t exactly helping its users’ happiness…. So why do we do it?