If you click on the image above, you’ll be taken to an article by The Guardian, entitled “How Instagram hides behind Facebook – and rakes in billions”. I encourage you to go read it. Instagram has been given a free pass for a long time, credited as being so different from its parent company, Facebook. However, since FB has been taking a more active role in the management, the changes to the app have been very noticeable. For one, and perhaps the most annoying, is how FB applied its feed algorithms to the Instagram timeline, so now, like on Facebook, you don’t see posts in your feed in simple reverse chronological order, but instead based on what FB think you should see, what they deem to be most popular and right for you. I have IG friends that I used to see posts from and interact with often now just completely absent from my feed; I have to go specifically visit their page to see their most recent content. To borrow a phrase from the Brits, that’s complete bollocks!

And then there’s this little gem:

”Few people, however, realize that 20% of the content they consume on Instagram (or Facebook, for that matter) is sponsored. “

Umm, I noticed! Good god, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t notice - it literally is 20% of the content now. It’s not just the feed anymore, either, but also every 4th or 5th post in the Stories timeline. It’s pretty sickening.

It might seem like I’m suddenly coming down hard on Instagram with these last couple of posts, but that’s only because I always found it to actually be a great application and community, and ever since Facebook took it over and started getting their claws into it, they’re turning it into the same annoying monster that Facebook itself is. It’s really a shame to be losing that viable alternative.