Mobile blogging...


It's occurred to me recently that I often have thoughts while I'm out walking or riding, out with the family or at work, etc., and I think, "I should blog about that when I get home." When I'm at home later, though, I either forget completely about it (most common scenario) or just get too lazy and watch TV or something instead.

My reasoning for wanting to wait until home has been kinda stupid. One of the reasons has been that I don't want to type out a post using the annoying mobile keypads, which is kind of valid, but since I crank out a crapload of texts and tweets on the phone, I kind of contradict myself. Another reason is that I feel photos, etc. that I post should be of a higher caliber on my website, so I don't post mobile photos. However, almost all the photos I do post online are on Instagram, so...  

Time to chill out about the website being some more sacred thing, and just share the thoughts and images as they hit me. So with that said, the photo above is a photo I took with my phone whike walking along Lake Harriet, and I type this now while sitting at the south beach of said lake. 

Have a good evening! 




Mostly "Bust" so far...

So in my last post, a solid couple of months ago now, I introduced my concept for my "Outside or Bust" vlogging/blogging concept.  Well, as you can probably tell, it's pretty much been just "bust" since then.  Whereas it seemed like a good idea to just run with it at the time, I didn't take into account one key problem: it's hard to vlog/blog much about outdoor adventures when you're in the middle of the city and work and family prevents you from getting out for any real outdoor adventure much.  This would have worked better if we still lived at our house in Colorado, where we lived up in the mountains, and I could literally head out on a hiking or mountain biking adventure at any time, right outside our front door.  So now I'm already debating if I should just pull that channel down until I can figure out a way to get out and post meaningful content more often.  Related, I need to get back up the North Shore for some quality nature time; Colorado, too...



Outside or Bust

Man, I just realized I haven't posted anything on the blog since February!  I'm a really bad blogger... :)  I guess my drive for long-form writing has waned a bit as of late.  So, let's go to video instead.  I'm here today to announce my new YouTube channel, "Outside or Bust".   With it I hope to share my love for the outdoors, inspire others to get out, etc.  Forgive the quality of my early episodes, as I've never done much video work, so I'm slowly learning the ropes, both on the filming and editing sides.  That's actually partially why I'm doing this: to get myself trained up on video work, to expand my photography repertoire a bit.  I'm also trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera, hoping it will help me get over some of my anxiety over public speaking, etc.

My initial intent was to not launch this effort until I had a related website created, some more video work under my belt first so it'd look more polished, etc., but then last weekend I was out on a hike up in Cascade River State Park and I realized, "this is the kind of shit I want to share, so I should just start right here, right now." So I whipped out my point-n-shoot camera I had on me at the time and started clumsily recording video right there.  Right now I'm pretty much just filming in P mode, trying to focus more on getting my vlogging composition down, getting more comfortable in front of the camera, etc.  Also, without shooting in more advanced LOG profiles and such, I don't have to worry about color grading and such in post-processing, but can just focus more on getting my cuts right, etc. 

As of this evening, I now have two episodes down.  Here's the first, the one mentioned above in Cascade River State Park:

Not real impressive, I know (and the camera seemed to have some focusing issues in a couple spots), but they'll hopefully get better as I go along. :)  Here's the second episode, one I shot earlier today, just exploring a little bit of nature a few blocks away from my house in Minneapolis:

This one was obviously a bit longer, and I learned a key thing from this one: microphone direction (when using a mic on-camera) really matters when you have a bunch of background noise like traffic, airplanes, flowing water, etc.  All the bits with the camera pointed at me sound fine, but my narration on all the other parts sounds pretty muffled.  Like I said, I have a lot to learn...

Anyway, stay tuned.  Go ahead and subscribe on my YouTube channel if you wanna keep up, though I'll try to post here when I get new episodes up, too.  I also have a couple social media accounts tied to this: click here for Facebook and here for Twitter.  I have an Instagram account in waiting, too, but nothing on it yet; will share when it becomes active.

It's official: I'm a brewer.

Sampling my first home-brewed beer, a grapefruit-infused IPA.

Sampling my first home-brewed beer, a grapefruit-infused IPA.

My second batch in the works, a Bavarian Hefeweizen.

It's official: I've finally entered the ranks of home brewers!  Just after the first of the year, I brewed my very first batch, a citrusy IPA recipe that's meant to essentially be a clone of Ballast Point's Grapefruit Sculpin.  My first sampling of the finished product occurred this past Saturday, on my 43rd birthday.  It turned out pretty well!  The grapefruit/citrus flavor didn't hit quite as hard as the actual Grapefruit Sculpin, but still a solid IPA with some nice citrus notes.  I'm really enjoying it, and quite frankly, was relieved that it simply didn't suck after six weeks of waiting to taste it. :)  I've read of this recipe that the hop flavor tends to hit harder early on, and then as it ages a bit more, the hop flavor mellows and the citrus flavor becomes more prominent.  So it will be interesting to see how the profile subtly changes as it ages a bit over the coming weeks.

Next up, what I brewed just last night and is shown in the primary fermenter in the second image above, is a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen that I'm brewing for my wife, as she generally prefers wheat beers.  This one was much easier to brew, as besides the malt extracts, it required only one ounce of hops.  It also doesn't require secondary fermenting, so I'll be bottling this already within a couple weeks, making it ready to drink within about 4 weeks.

I haven't decided what I'll be brewing after this second batch yet.  I'm thinking either a pale ale or a chocolate milk stout.  I'm just doing extract kits for now, while I really get the hang of the process.  I hope to switch to all-grain brewing a bit later this year, and then start fiddling with my own recipes, too.  Gotta start walking before I try to run, though... :)