The New - A New Beginning.

Welcome to my new website.  Those of you familiar with my previous website over the years have probably noticed that it had gotten kind of stale, in more ways than one.  Not only had I gotten pretty sporadic in updating content, but the design of the site was also several years old and in need of an update.  Now, I could have simply updated the design, or imported everything into this new space to continue what I had going, but beyond just refreshing what I had, I really desired a fresh start, a new ground zero.  I feel like my old site had become too much of a hodge-podge over the years; lacking any real, coherent identity.  I started thinking about how I wanted to present myself to the world, and really, I just wanted to scrap my online past and just start fresh.  This is that fresh start.

The site is still a work in progress.  At the time of this post, I only have a few galleries created, with a small handful of images in each.  That content will grow as I continue to round out this site, moving more content over here.  I plan to upgrade the image viewing experience, too.  So please stay tuned as the site grows richer.

Anyway, that's it for now; just wanted to give a quick introduction.  I hope you'll follow the blog and my galleries, and I'll certainly appreciate any interaction in the comments.  Thanks for stopping by.





p.s. If you're viewing this post on Tumblr, link to original site is here.