Hello, I'm Ryan Fonkert, and welcome to my personal home on the web.  I’m a technologist by profession, and avid photographer, outdoorsman, and political enthusiast on the side. 

For my day job, I work as a data professional in the information security space at a large, Fortune 500 company. I’ve been working as a professional in information technology for nearly 20 years now.

On the side, and a large focus of this site, I’m also an avid photographer. I have run my photography as a semi-professional in the past, running a business on the side shooting portraits, weddings, family events, etc. While no longer running that business, I still actively photograph, though now I’m focused more solidly just on my landscape & nature photography. Please visit my Photographs page to view some of my work. If you see any image(s) that you’d like to purchase as a print, send me a message via the Contact page and we can discuss your needs (size, medium, etc.), price, etc.

My blog is a little more all over the place, where I talk about whatever’s on my mind at the moment: might be social media, photography, workplace politics, my latest hiking adventure, etc. That is, when I actually think to write and keep it updated. ;-)

So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll continue to visit!  To keep up to date on the latest, please subscribe to the RSS feed for my blog.