Mobile blogging...


It's occurred to me recently that I often have thoughts while I'm out walking or riding, out with the family or at work, etc., and I think, "I should blog about that when I get home." When I'm at home later, though, I either forget completely about it (most common scenario) or just get too lazy and watch TV or something instead.

My reasoning for wanting to wait until home has been kinda stupid. One of the reasons has been that I don't want to type out a post using the annoying mobile keypads, which is kind of valid, but since I crank out a crapload of texts and tweets on the phone, I kind of contradict myself. Another reason is that I feel photos, etc. that I post should be of a higher caliber on my website, so I don't post mobile photos. However, almost all the photos I do post online are on Instagram, so...  

Time to chill out about the website being some more sacred thing, and just share the thoughts and images as they hit me. So with that said, the photo above is a photo I took with my phone whike walking along Lake Harriet, and I type this now while sitting at the south beach of said lake. 

Have a good evening!