Manufactured Crisis

The federal government shutdown, brought to you by President Trump (remember he said he’d own this on live TV before it even started), is now officially the longest in U.S. history. And why? Because the Moron-in-Chief needs a combative win to appease his racist, xenophobic base. Why do I say combative? Because he could have easily accomplished this while the Republicans still controlled both houses of Congress, but he waited until the Democrats took over the House.  He wants a spectacle, to be seen a victor, as he hasn’t been able to score many so far.

The rationale he tries to sell in order to garner support for his ridiculous wall is that there’s a “crisis at the border”, that if we don’t erect a wall immediately, we’ll be subject to an orgy of illegal crossings and subsequent crime waves like the world has never seen.  The only problem is that the data says exactly the opposite. I invite you to read this article by the New York Times, which actually delves into the numbers for the past several decades. As they state clearly in the article, illegal crossings have actually been on a steady decline for over two decades; and, in fact, arrests for illegal crossings in 2017 actually reached the lowest level since 1971.

So if you support Trump’s crusade on this wall, including keeping vital parts of our government shut down over it (in fact, our Border Patrol and TSA agents aren’t getting paid! How’s that for security?), ask yourself why. Because it surely isn’t about the illegal immigration or crime numbers...