"<Last Year> sucked!" (No, it didn't)

I’ve noticed a over the past several years, where at the end of every year, people like to proclaim that the past year sucked, that they can’t wait for it to be over, and they’re looking forward to a much more positive new year. But then at the end of that new year, they’ll then proclaim the same thing: this past year sucked, can’t wait for the new one.

Why? What is with this trend of focusing only on the negative things that happened over the past year, and then using that handful of negative things (often minor) to declare that the whole year was a loss? Every year, negative things will happen. Also every year, positive things will happen. No given calendar year is all good or all bad. Barring the death of a close loved one that really affected you, or an ugly divorce, etc., no single event or collection of events defines a whole year. Celebrate the good and try to forget about the bad. It seems ridiculous to castigate a whole year of life experience, though, and equally ridiculous to think the next year will always be all good.

Anyway, Happy New Year, all. Appreciate and learn from all of it.